Being “healthy” often seems like some big challenge, some far out goal that will take years to achieve. But, what does it even mean? Does it mean having six-pack abs and being on the cover of fitness magazines? Does it mean running marathons or competing in Ironman’s? Sometimes we associate health with such extremes that it overwhelms us. We look at how we are living our lives at the moment and struggle to figure out how we could ever become those images. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Merriam-Webster defines health as the following: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.

Oh, what a beautiful meaning! We don’t need to be Olympic athletes or nutrition experts; health looks different for everyone. With that definition in mind, here are five ways to reap a healthier life:

1. Go to sleep early. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. I second that! Your days will be so much more productive, and you will feel so much more energized if you get to bed at a reasonable hour.

2. Organize your week. I’m a planner person. Sitting down each Sunday and writing out all the things I need/want to get accomplished for the week actually allows me to get them done. Imagine that.

3. Make your bed. This is one that I am still working to master. On the days that I do remember to do it, everything goes much smoother. I am not as tempted to lay back in bed for a “few minutes” to take a break. I also just feel more organized, my room looks tidy, and it’s a small positive to start the morning. Don’t believe me? Here are 6 reasons to make your bed every morning from editorial producer, Pauline Morrissey.

4. Move your body. When people hear the word exercise, it is often associated with the thought of heading to the local gym and getting on the elliptical for an hour. Moving your body can mean a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Just do something active each day, and try to make it outside.

5. Grocery shop after you eat. I am a prime example of the downfalls of going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. You are much more willing to give into the temptation of those not-so-healthy foods. Going to the grocery store after you eat will allow you to stick to a clean shopping list. If possible, try going in the morning after breakfast. The stores are less crowded, and again, you will be prone to making better food choices.

Being healthy does not have to mean huge life changes. These simple habits can drastically impact the rest of your daily life and leave you feeling sound in mind, body, and spirit.

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  1. Thanks Erica! I love the points you make. I’m off to make my bed! Great examples and real ideas for positive and healthy living.

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