It’s officially the first day of 2018, which means it’s time to reflect on this past year. I think reflection is so important. 2017 was a hard year for many people, including myself. This year brought with it some of my lowest lows, but it also brought with it some of my highest highs. While the negatives often stand out more than the positives, we should always take the time to appreciate the journey. Here’s a look back at some of my favorite moments in 2017.

January saw with it many hikes through the snow in Boise as I got ready to start my last semester of my undergraduate degree.

I jammed out at a Tribal Seeds and Iration concert.

I dyed my hair purple (instant regret), but it was still fun for a minute.

I visited the East Coast which included walks on the beach, visiting the Aquarium, riding a motorcycle, finding the watering hole of wild island horses, checking out  a lighthouse, eating seafood, and exploring all of the Raleigh museums.

I went on multiple trail runs through the foothills as part of my marathon training. You can read more about my marathon training here.

I danced along to Portugal. The Man in concert.

I drove my car out to the Kirkham hot springs in Idaho and spent the night in the back listening to the rain.

I headed out on an Alternative Spring Break in Zion National Park with some fellow nature loving kids. You can read all about that here.

I turned 21! My sweet friends brought me carrot cake on my actual birthday. It was a week night, and I had volunteered to help at an institute activity. That weekend we went dancing downtown, and I took a spin on a mechanical bull.

I headed back to The Knitting Factory for a Judah and the Lion concert.

My friend Laray invited me to sign up for an outdoor rock climbing trip. It was my first time climbing outside, and I fell in love.

After months of training, I ran my second marathon. My knee pain became debilitating, but I finished thanks to a fellow runner sticking with me through the majority of the race.

Savannah and I spent the weekend together in Utah and saw The National Parks and Mat Kearney.

I graduated from Boise State University with my BBA in Marketing in 6 semesters!


I went camping at Pi Pi campground with my dad and Savannah.

My mom and I competed at the Folsom Lake International Triathlon, both taking first in our age group. Apparently I qualified for Nationals from it!

Eli and I hiked Cave Rock to watch the sunset over Tahoe before heading off on our summer excursions.

I moved across the country to North Carolina! You can read all about that adventure here.

Jon and I decided the night before to drive to Delaware for one day of the Firefly Music Festival. We saw The Weekend, Capital Cities, Chance The Rapper, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Lewis Del Mar, The Naked and Famous, Kesha, Magic Giant, Bob Dylan, T-Pain, and I think that was it…

On our way back from the festival, we spent the day exploring Washington D.C., which you can read about here.

I attempted real golfing. It is much harder than I thought it would be, and I gained a lot of respect for people who are good at it.

I visited Southport, NC where the movie Safe Haven was filmed.

I camped and hiked my way through western North Carolina. I wrote another post about that here.

I started rock climbing consistently. What a workout!

After Meagan’s bridal shower, Jon and I took a trip to explore the North Eastern United States & Montreal. Read more about all of that here.

I got my TEFL certification!  (No picture, but I got a job in Peru and will be headed there soon.)

I was a bridesmaid in my best friend (Megs) wedding.

Jon bought me a film camera. You can check out my first roll here.

I finally made the trip to Myrtle Beach and explored Charleston, South Carolina. (pictures are on film and will be added soon)

I spent Thanksgiving in Disney World!

I spent Christmas with my family. My favorite time of year with my favorite people.

I brought in the new year at Snowglobe.

There was so much that happened this year! I could go into more detail about all of the weekends spent exploring, the new friendships I made, or even the night I learned to make sushi. I love thinking back on all of these times that made me smile. It makes the hard times all the more rewarding. Bring it on 2018!


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