Dear 2016,

My original inspiration to write to you was to say goodbye, because, unfortunately, there was a lot about you that I didn’t like. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized you brought me some of the best moments of my life. You allowed me to transform and grow. While often painful, you taught me invaluable lessons. You gave me things worth fighting for. You gave me the courage to take risks and the confidence to pave the road to my own happiness. You showed me passion and love. You showed me patience. You are the year that gave me memories I will forever cherish. That being said, I am ready to say goodbye to the anxiety, the heartache, the doubt and confusion, and make room for so much better.

Thank you for all the good you brought.

2 thoughts on “Dear 2016”

  1. You are turning out to be an amazing young woman. Keep this perspective and you will conquer every mountain you dare to climb.

  2. I love the thought and passion that you put into all you do. The journaling and sharing this with others is truly meaningful and I known you will achieve great things! While enjoying the journey with moments big and small. Miss you.

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